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Love this gadget. Makes cleaning so much easier. What used to take hours of scrubbing my tile shower turned into 30 minutes of scrubbing with the help of this cordless scrubber. So easy to assemble the pole and attach the different brush heads. I love that you can extend the pole making it easier to reach places. It takes about 3 hours to charge. I recommend to anyone who wants to make their cleaning easier!!




I have been wanting a scrubber like this for our master bathroom. I loved all of the different cleaning heads to change out based on the surface. Worked great and loved that it is rechargeable.

Dr. Hassan Ahmed

United Arab Emirates


Easy to assemble, plenty of attachments, and works great. Be careful; the blades and chopper blades are extremely sharp.




This chopper is easy to use, and great for onions, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, carrots, potatoes ect. Not so great for cheese and eggs and things that are hard or sticky. Blades are super sharp not thinking I pushed some egg through and royally slice my finger, my own stupid fault but just be aware. I really like using this, it cuts down on prep time so so much!